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Project Area - KOLKATA
Call Girl Intervention

Call girl interventionIn July 1999 Bhoruka started a project 'Pursuit of Happiness and its toll on the Reproductive health among call girls in Kolkata' to address a most vulnerable group of commercial sex workers. Intervention has started among clients and agents of the profession. Bhoruka provides OPD services and counselling.
Bhoruka Public Welfare Trust
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Care and support for HIV positivesLocated in the heart of the city "BHALOBASA" is Bhoruka's care & support unit for people with HIV / AIDS. The unit provides interim care & facilities like counselling, testing and medical treatment, home and community based care. The objective is to enable HIV positive individuals to take proper control of their lives & overcome physical & psychological crisis. The project is supported by Dorabji Tata Trust and the West Bengal State AIDS Prevention and Control Society.
Reproductive Child Health

Reproductive Child Health ProgramThe project in the CPT area was initiated in July 2001 covering a total population of 10,000 community members. The main goal is to develop and test lifestyle-based micro level intervention strategies to improve women, child and adolescent health. It is supported by the European Commission. The main objective is to ensure the Reproductive Rights of women. Primary target groups are pregnant women, children, eligible coupes and adolescents.
Migrant Labourers:

Migrant Labourers Khiddirpur is a major business area in Kolkata and has a large migrant population who come here in search of work. The objective is to improve the health seeking behavior of migrant workers and their families with better understanding of various aspects of sexual health. The project was initiated in May 1999 and at present is being supported by the West Bengal State AIDS Prevention and Control Society.

The Key Components are:
¤ awareness generation
¤ special emphasis on STD / HIV / AIDS
¤ condom promotion through social marketing
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