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Project Area - ICHCHAPURAM
Reproductive Child Health

Ichchapuram is the busiest transshipment point for truckers travelling along NH 5, the main arterial road connecting East & South India.

Ichchapuram Border, AS Peta
P.O.: Purushottampuram
District: Srikakulam
Andhra Pradesh 532323
Tel: (0680) 2244135


The main objective of the program at Guwahati is to promote safe health seeking behavior among the members of the truckers & allied industries. Bhoruka provides treatment of STD's and other common ailments. The identification of new peer educators has begun and regular training programs have been introduced for them. World AIDS Day was commemorated on 1 December 2002 with a jeep & mass rally in collaboration with the Assam State AIDS Control Society, which now supports the project after taking over from the Elton John Foundation.
Reproductive Child HealthA baseline survey in this area was carried out to establish a benchmark for major indicators. From the service delivery perspective, the study reveals that lack of decentralisation and improper planning and infrastructural development are some of the major factors contributing to low accessibility of services and the poor health condition of the community. Bhoruka established a strong network with the local government administrative & health officials and conducted joint discussions. These have helped us to build up a strong referral system in the community and make services more accessible.
Truckers Intervention Program:

Truckers Intervention ProgramIchchapuram is the busiest transshipment point for truckers travelling along NH 5, the main arterial road connecting East and South India. The goal of the intervention lies in fostering social responsibility and goodwill among the consumers and partners in the transport industry. Through this center Bhoruka has been providing STD diagnosis, treatment and HIV / AIDS awareness and prevention services by organising mobile health camps in different parking zones, halt points border sites & the surrounding villages & communities.
Also a strong chain of retail condom outlets along NH 37 to promote the concept of condom social marketing. Identification and capacity building of peer educators is a regular activity of the project.
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